The docs are a mini-project in the docs folder. They don't have a dedicated git repository, but they do have their own Gemfile. They run on Github Pages, which is based on Jekyll.

The format is simple; markdown files with a few lines of metadata at the top, organized into subdirectories. We're using the jekyll-rtd-theme.

You can preview as you edit; first the setup:

$ git clone # if you haven't already
$ cd jekyll_picture_tag/docs
$ direnv allow # (optional)
$ bundle install --binstubs # --binstubs is optional.

If you use direnv or add docs/bin to your PATH another way, the --binstubs flag allows you to skip bundle exec.

To preview:

$ jekyll serve --livereload # (prefix with `bundle exec` if necessary)
  • In a web browser, navigate to localhost:4000/jekyll_picture_tag/