Optionally specify any number of HTML attributes. These will be combined with any which you've set in a preset.

All arguments which begin with -- (including --link) must be at the end of the liquid tag, but they can be given in any order.

  • --alt

    Format: --alt (alt text)

    Example: --alt Here is my alt text!

    Convenience shortcut for --img alt="..."

  • --(element)

    Format: --(picture|img|source|a|parent) (Standard HTML attributes)

    Example: --img class="awesome-fade-in" id="coolio" --a data-awesomeness="11"

    Apply attributes to a given HTML element. Your options are:

    • --picture
    • --img
    • --source
    • --a (anchor tag)
    • --parent

--parent will be applied to the <picture> if present, otherwise the <img>; useful when using an auto output format.


Attributes that are set here for elements which don’t occur in the selectedmarkup format will be ignored (e.g. adding --picture class="cool-css" with apreset that does not use a &lt;picture&gt; tag).