Pixel Ratio Srcsets

A Pixel Ratio srcset looks like this:

srcset="myimage-200.jpg 1.0x, myimage-300.jpg 1.5x, myimage-400.jpg 2.0x" 

To use one, set pixel_ratios and base_width. They are most appropriate for thumbnails and icons, where the image will be the same size on all screens, and all you need to account for is pixel ratio.

Base Width

Format: base_width: integer

Example: base_width: 100

Sets how wide the 1x image should be. Required when using a Pixel Ratio srcset.

Pixel Ratios

Format: pixel_ratios: [number, number, number (...)]

Example: pixel_ratios: [1, 1.5, 2]

Array of images to construct, given in multiples of the base width.