Crop an image to a given aspect ratio. This argument is given as a crop and (optionally) a keep setting. The values given here will override the preset settings (if present), can be given after every image, and apply only to the preceding image.

crop is given as an aspect ratio in the width:height format.

keep sets which portion of the image to keep; it's the ‘interestingness' setting passed to the libvips smartcrop function. Your options are:

  • attention - automagically keep parts likely to draw human attention. Default
  • entropy - Crop out the parts with the least variation.
  • center or centre - Keep the middle part.

Cropping happens before resizing; the preset widths setting is a post-crop value.

More fine-grained control is beyond the scope of this plugin. I'm not writing an image editor here!


  • 16:9
  • 1:1 entropy
  • 3:2 center